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El Patio


Hacienda de los Morales
Juan Vázquez de Mella No. 525
Del Bosque zipcode 07207
Gustavo A. Madero, CDMX
Phones: 5552833054 5552833055

About El Patio

The ideal place to start the talk of business, share with friends, or simply gather before moving on to the table is the Patio of Treasury of the moral.

The courtyard serves as a bar area which is surrounded by plants, and at its core, is a magnificent fountain which causes the atmosphere of an authentic Mexican hacienda.


Capacity: 60 Persons
Average price:

Service Hours

Mon 07:00-24:00
Tue 07:00-24:00
Wed 07:00-24:00 - Open
Thu 07:00-24:00
Fri 07:00-24:00
Sat 07:00-24:00
Sun 07:00-24:00

So visit us!