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Hotel Calafia
Justo Sierra No. 1495
Los Pinos zipcode 21230
Mexicali, Baja California
Phones: 6865684382 6865683311 018000265444

About Italiano

Dishes made with love and admiration for the Italian cuisine, specialising in pizzas and meats to the wood-burning oven, pasta made by hand, refreshing drinks and artisanal sauces.

Under a warm and inviting atmosphere is a space to enjoy the heat of firing either the freshness of your terrace enjoying the nightlife of the city.


Capacity: 64 Persons
Average price:

Service Hours

Mon 13:00-23:00
Tue 13:00-23:00
Wed 13:00-23:00
Thu 13:00-23:00
Fri 13:00-24:00
Sat 13:00-24:00
Sun 13:00-21:00 - Closed

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