According with de Mexican Law, is your wright to know what personal data and for what we use it, on this text you will see the initials ARCO that reffers to Access (Aceso), Rectificication (Rectificacion), Cancel (Cancelacion), and Deny (Opsosicion), in concret you can make effective any of these actions any time.

What2do Mexico, whith address in 20 de Noviembre , zone El colegio, Ciudad Juarez, zip code 32340, on the entity of Chihuahua, country Mexico, and the web sites, is the responsable of the use and protection of your personal data, and of that we inform you the next:

For what proprorses we use your personal data?

Your personal data that we obtain, we use it for the next purposes that are required for the service that ask:

Billing for contracted services

Wich personal data and what for?

For take in place the defined purposes on the present privacy statement, we use the next personal data:

Pernoal Name or Company Name.
Registry on Mexican Federal Contributors (RFC).
Bussines phone number.
eMail address.

How you can Access, Rectify, Cancel or Deny (ARCO) the use of your personal data?

You have the wright to know wich personal data have of you, for what is used and the terms of use that we gave (Access). In the same way, it is your right to ask the correction of your personal information in case that it could be out of date, is inexact or incomplete (Rectification); That be erased of our records or data bases when you consider that it could be used in bad way (Cancel); And deny of the use of your personal data for specific uses (Deny).

This right known as ARCO (Access, Rectificarion, Cancel, Deny/Oposal) rights.

For the use of any of the ARCO rights, you have to make an application on the next ways:, 614 353 0772

For know the process and requirements for the exersice of the ARCO rights, we put at your disposal the next way:

By telephone number or eMail.

The contact information of the person or departement in charge of data management, is in charge to gave solution at your request of the ARCO rights are the next:

a) Name or department that manage personal data: Ernesto Danton A
b) Address: Street 20 de Noviembre , Juarez city, zip code 32340, in the state of Chihuahua, country Mexico.
c) eMail address:
d) Phone Number: +52 614 353 0772

You can revoque your consent of use of your personal data

You can revoque your consent that, in your case, you give us the use in certain time. Sin embargo, is important that you have in mind that in not in all cases we can attend to your request immediately, because it could be posible that exists legal obligations that make us keep certain data. As well, you have to consider that for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent impies that we cant no longer give you the service that solicited to us and the conclusion the relation with us.

For revoque your consent you must present an application on the next ways:

By phone number or eMail.

For know the proces and requirements for the revocation of consent, we put at your disposition the next ways:

By phone number or eMail.

How can limit the use or circulation of your personal data?

With which objective you can limit the use and circulation of your personal data, we offer the next ways:

By phone number or eMail.

The use of tracking technoligies on our website.

We inform you that our website use cookies, web beacons or other technologies, trough it's posible monitor the user activity, and give him a better service and experience on website. The personal data that we keep whith this technolgies, is used for the next objectives:

With estadisitcal proposes

The personal data that we obtain with traking technolgies:

Selected Language of the user.
Region of the user (the country according whith the IP address).
Websites visited by the user.
Searches Maked by the user.
Users IP address.

How you can know the changes of this privacy advice?

This privacy statement could suffer changes, modifications or actualizations derivate of legal requirements; And for our needs for the services or products that we offer; of our practice of privacy; changes in our bussines model, or another reasons.

We are commited to keep you informed on any change that could be sufer this privacy statement, it will be published on the main page of our website and with download file.

The procedure through which notifications will take place about changes or updates to this privacy notice is as follows:

The process wich will be promote the notification about changes or actualization to this privacy statement is the next way:

It will be published on the main page of the website.

Last actualization: 14/03/2019