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Museum of Loreto Fort



Calz. de los Fuertes S/N
Los Fuertes zipcode 72270
Puebla, Puebla
Phones: 2222348513

About Museum of Loreto Fort

The importance of this Fort as such and as Museum in particular is that, as strong, surrounding and within it have been developed various historical events important to Mexico, 19th century and 20th century, from the independence until the revolution, through the clashes between conservative and Liberal, before and during the reform war and the French intervention.

The strong Loreto Museum has its origin in the Warrior History Museum, founded in the year of 1936 by a group of poblanos citizens concerned about the conservation of the heritage, headed by Mr Carlos and Angel peace and bridge, leaving the latter as its responsible for. In March 1955 the Government of the State of Puebla is responsible for its administration and in the year of 1962 passed into the hands of the INAH called thereafter Museum of non-intervention, until this year of 2012 that is changing its name.

Source INAH

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