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Museum of Compostela



Juárez S/N
Centro zipcode 63800
San pedro Lagunillas, Nayarit
Phones: 3111771777

About Museum of Compostela

The importance of this museum is its interesting archaeological collection, gathered largely through the efforts of historian compostelense Salvador Gutiérrez Contreras, formed by ceramic, lithic, objects of shell and metallurgy, which account Basically, two cultural traditions of the prehispánico Nayarit, the shaft tombs and the Aztatlán, supplemented with a sample of history based on charts, maps, photographs, weapons and paper money that roughly gives an account of the historical process of this important region of Western Mexico, that of 1540-1560 was capital of the Kingdom of new Galicia.

The Museum was born thanks to the interest and insistence of the historian compostelense Salvador Gutiérrez Contreras, who, among other occupations, was representative from 1946 of the National Institute of anthropology and history, responsible for the archaeological sites of the municipalities of Compostela and San Pedro Lagunillas, in his eagerness to expose an important example of its glorious past, gathering testimonies of pre-Hispanic cultures and the history of this southwestern region of Nayarit.

Source INAH

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