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Archaeological Museum of Fort San Miguel Campeche



Escénica S/N
Miramar zipcode 24030
San Francisco de Campeche, Campeche
Phones: 9818169136 9818169111

About Archaeological Museum of Fort San Miguel Campeche

This property is a significant example of architecture military of Campeche was used mainly in the struggles which was immersed throughout the nineteenth century city of Campeche. Maya archaeology of Campeche which exhibits different Mayan cities parts highlighting the Calakmul is currently displayed.

In order to reinforce the defense of the town of San Francisco de Campeche, began the construction of the stronghold of San Miguel, thanks to the project submitted by the engineer Agustín Crame in 1779. Once built, was modified his original plan by the Colonel of engineers, Juan José de León, who in 1801, included two small bastions protruding at the side of Earth in order to protect the door.

Source INAH

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