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Camino Tepeyahualco - Xaltipanapa S/N
Xaltipanapa zipcode 73992
Tepeyahualco, Puebla
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About Cantona

First impressions recorded on the site, include those published in 1790 in the Gazettes of Alzate, where reference is made to the name of Cantona, and was not until 1855 when Henri de Saussure visit the area and leaves seated than: the Indians of the area called the town or Canton. Moreover, in 1903 Nicolás Leon public a text entitled The archaeological monuments in Cantona where he mentions that the real name of the site is Caltonac, Word that comes from the Nahua words calli = House and tonalli = Sun, i.e., House of the Sun, but there is no document, or scientific reference any indicating so called him in antiquity , so it is better to name it as it appointed him since 1790: Cantona.

Cantona to seventeen have been open to the public, just start your growth process once it has consolidated the infrastructure necessary for its take-off (roads roads, electricity, water supply, greater security and quality of service, among others); being so during this 2012 will close the circle of information and knowledge about this pre-Hispanic City through the completion and opening of the Museum site in Cantona. In this perspective, we can ensure that Cantona will remain the primary factor in the socio-economic development, not only of the region but of the State of Puebla.

Source INAH

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