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Carr. La Costa - Soconusco Km. 304 S/N
Manuel Lazos zipcode 30870
Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas
Phones: 9616128360 9616122824

About Izapa

It is possible that the name of Izapa is a deformation of the Nahuatl word Atzacua (place of the water reservoir). Either place of salt (ixtac+atl+pan) River. It can also be the word Ixtapan (on the beach).

In this place were developed from at least 1500 BC, the Mixe culture (which is related to the Olmec archaeological); the pre-maya culture traits are evident, which are present later in all of the classic maya area. The presence of enclaves mexicas in order to collect taxes in the Chiapas coast area are patents in all those towns that have names in nahuatl language, from Tonala, Chiapas to El Salvador in Central America. Them different mounds of the area presented an arrangement of plazas or patios, which were called according to as is we're working.

Currently, groups A and B (in the nuclear area of monuments), and Group F North of the Assembly are open to visit. Izapa presents an occupation continuous from 1500 B.c. to 1200 A.d. The consistency in guidance and trace of spaces, as well as the constants in positioning of monuments, indicate a construction activity under the same basic patterns of planning.

Source INAH

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