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Carr. Candelaria - El Tigre Km. S/N
El Tigre zipcode 24333
Candelaria, Campeche
Phones: 9818169111 9818168179 9818169136

About El Tigre

The Tiger has been identified by various authors as the Itzamkanac of them sources historical. The name that is known at present corresponds to el ejido which is located. ACALAN, or place of canoes, is the name that was known to the pre-Hispanic province of the chontal maya group settled on the banks of the Río Candelaria.

Due to the imposing constructions and the extension of the zone, thought that the Tiger corresponds to the historical sources Itzamkanac, capital of the acalanes and place where Hernán Cortés killed Cuauhtémoc. In the Center ceremonial is looking today vestiges that indicate the advocation of them temples, allegedly consecrated to deities of origin chontal as Ixchel and Itzamna. The latter was the God most beloved by the ruling classes, who could have tried to establish a monotheism. On a lomerío near Candelaria River sits the site of Itzamkanac or El Tigre; with a long sequence of occupation that goes from the Preclassic medium (600-300 to. C.) to the protohistoric (ca. 1557 d. C.).Comprised of 6 architectural groups, the central area of the site has not shown a defined style. One of the squares is surrounded by pyramidal bases and anthropomorphic masks of the Preclassic. The settlement has several architectural styles: Petén, Río Bec and late.

Source INAH

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