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Mezquite S/N
La Nopalera zipcode 58820
Huandacareo, Michoacán
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About Huandacareo La Nopalera

Huandacareo (or Guandacareo), is a name that derives from the word tarascan (purepecha) Uandakua, which has different meanings, including: place of trial, place speakers and Court. Locally referred to the site as La Nopalera, since it is located within the colony which bears this name.

The site of the Nopalera, is located Northwest of Cuitzeo Lake on a hill. For its construction, it was necessary to prepare the ground by retaining walls and the movement of a significant amount of filling material. From the archaeological work, has been established that the site presents evidence of two periods of occupation that they represent very different socio-political moments together. During the first period, La Nopalera, represents a typical settlement in the area of Lake Cuitzeo, i.e. small sites that were not linked to an empire or site that it concentrated power in the region. The archaeological record of the Nopalera, reflects the adoption of ideas coming from the shoal as the sunken Patio, or ceramic features similar to those found in Teotihuacan. Other notable elements are the existence of a cross dotted, interpreted as a solar calendar. This can be interpreted as the region was a melting pot where lived different cultural traditions, while maintaining their own identity. Already entered the second millennium, La Nopalera serves as an administrative site of the tarascan State. The new settlers, not only carried out adjustments to the site, but it left testimony of an elaborate belief system visualized in a significant number of funerals with sumptuous offerings. To the above, it should mention a change in the conformation of the site, through the construction of the Plaza Oeste, space no doubt involving the meeting by a large conglomerate of people.

Source INAH

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