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About La Ferrería

The foundry was the population largest and most important of the Guadiana Valley during Chalchihuites. It is the only site which combines architectural elements which we refer to as pyramids ritual life, golf game of ball, circular structures, complexes of quadrangular structures with sunken courtyards, structures carved into the bedrock, and others clearly housing as simple quadrangular buildings or terraces and rooms of the northern flank of the Hill.

The construction of La Ferreria Ayala (600-700 A.d.) was started around the year 600 a.d., during the phase. Occupation and remodelling of the site continued during the Las Joyas (700-950 A.d.), both phases marking the splendor of La Ferreria. During the two following phases, calls River Tunal (950-1150 A.d.) and Calera (1150-1300 A.d.), the architectural activity and room and importance of the site decreased.

Thus, La Ferreria served as a ritual Centre, and had the largest concentration of population in the Guadiana Valley during the Chalchihuites, besides being the point of convergence of the villages in the Valley.

At the ideological level some findings allow linking La Ferreria with large Mesoamerican cultural developments. On the other hand, obviously a strong influence both groups of the Pacific coast, and the Gran Chichimeca.

The archaeological site has a site Museum brings together archaeological pieces recovered at La Ferrería and includes objects from other sites in the State of Durango.

Source INAH

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