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Las Labradas



Autopista Mazatlan - Culiacan Km. 51 S/N
Las Labradas zipcode 82969
San Ignacio, Sinaloa
Phones: 6679968450 6677521541 6677139252

About Las Labradas

The name of the area derives from the number of petroglyphs that exist between the surface of the sand and part of the sea, are a group of rocks with rock manifestation distributed in a coastal strip. It is one of the most important prints of the Northwest of Mexico.

Las Labradas was declared a zone of archaeological monuments on 30 November 2012 where there are more than 600 engravings made on rocks of volcanic origin, with anthropomorphic representations, Zoomorphic, fitomorfas and geometric figures such as: concentric circles, spirals, crosses, among others. Associated with these outcrops are located large amounts of boulders; apparently they are the vestiges of an ancient River that emptied into this place.

Some of these engravings were made between the years 750 to 1250 D. C. (period Aztatlán); but with the latest research, it is possible that some prints have been made to the archaic period (3000 BC).

Source INAH

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