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Carr. Madera - Huapoca km. 28 S/N
Madera Centro zipcode 31940
Madera, Chihuahua
Phones: 6144103948 6144108733

About Huapoca

This site takes its name from the set of rock shelters with houses in Cliff located near a population and formation of the same name.

Huápoca somewhere more belonging to culture large houses, of which Paquimé was its regional center. Apparently these settlements were created from migrations from North to South of social groups belonging to the culture of Mogollon, occupying a large part of the Sierra de Chihuahua, in the current municipality of wood. On this site there are 4 sets: cave nest of Eagle, snake cave, Cave of the mirador and atalaya, share distinctive features like the architecture of compacted Earth and split-level homes, t doors and the construction of barns. Due to its location inside rock shelters these settlements is call them homes in cliff or Cliff dwellings. Main chronological location: 1000 to 1450 d. C.

Source INAH

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