What2do is a web site of touristic information oriented to local and foreigners, his organization is distribute by cities, that facilities to the potential clients locate very easily and effective your business, also giving relevant information.

To accomplish a greater range of the foreigner touristic public that visit our country, What2do is on 3 languages (Spanish, English and French) that are available on web and mobile devices, this without download any additional application, internet is the only thing that their devices require to reach us, in the face of this, the range of your business its bigger and multiply by 3.

Thanks a our integration with 2 of Mexico's most popular social networks, we can say that have a maximum interact scope with users, with this to guarantee your business can be known by different media direct or indirect, taking advantage of the medias that currently they use; It doesn't matter if your business has web presence or social network, What2do gives an extra diffusion thrust of your business.